Thursday, June 4, 2015

LGBT Science

With the sudden explosion of people talking about transgender etc, I thought it would be fitting to put some science out there.
Those of you who went to regular school should remember from biology about X and Y chromosomes however most people don't seem to know much more than that. Every fetus starts out female but there are actually several switches that can be activated independently of each other to make a male. You can have a male that is XX, females who are XY or only X and some other variations as well.
First thing: The bible (and probably other religions state) that "woman was taken out of man". That is backwards. Male and female come out of only female. Strike one against patriarchal gender constructs. - It's their world and we just live in it guys. Chew on that.
Second: Much of what makes you feel like a man or woman comes from the levels of chemicals in your body which you only have a certain amount of control over without pharmaceutical intervention. There have been reported cases of people who switch back and forth between feeling like a man or a woman at random intervals, maybe right in the middle of a conversation. This is not just based on the individual stating "I feel like..." but actually has been tested where they performed like an average male would while in "male" mode and vice versa. Just because your body chemistry doesn't flip flop or go against what is conventionally accepted for how someone with your genitalia should act, doesn't mean that other people don't have a legitimate claim to how they feel.
Third: Men's and women's brains are wired differently but who is to say that someone like Caitlyn Jenner doesn't have a brain that is wired like a "traditional" female? We are a product of our biology and little things can make a huge difference in our lives. There was a man who had two brain surgeries to deal with his epilepsy and after the second surgery, he changed becoming aggressive towards his wife sexually, never satiated. Eventually he was arrested for child pornography but the interesting thing was, the man was able to control himself while at work and only downloaded that shit at home. After getting on some medicine, all the sexual impulses went away but the man was kind of zombie after if I recall. The point is that while this guy could exercise some control, he was overwhelmed with the constant pressure and would give in at home. Here's the thing, someone who is transgender or any other flavor of LGBT isn't out there downloading child pornography. They are just trying to live their lives and find peace and happiness in the context of how they feel they fit into the world. They aren't bad or sick and hell, for all we know, they may be part of the evolutionary process. Why should they have to live in a constant struggle against what they feel inside if it's not hurting anyone or using someone without their consent?
Have you guys ever stopped to consider that any time we see someone trying to "evolve" humanity it's associated with hubris and madness? Did you know cancer cells can apparently live indefinitely outside of a human body? There are jellyfish that reverse age? Lobsters never die unless something kills them? Maybe if we studied nature and tried to adapt instead of fighting to keep the status quo then we would be much better off.
Thanks for reading my morning thoughts.
P.S. It's science Bitch!

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