Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Universe is God

A few minutes ago I realized that not only on an experiential level, but also at a logical level I can cease to believe in an god except the universe: the universe is God. 

Some prerequisites
God claims to be:
Separate from us (because one person sinned). 
Male (I cannot think of a single scripture that attributes female as being any part of God). 

The Infinite Separated God.
You cannot have infinity and something apart from it: otherwise this isn't infinity. Religion claims God is infinite and science claims the universe is without end. Infinity cannot be proven outside of the fact that our minds can imagine it. But it also cannot be disproven satisfactorily. Just because you hit a wall doesn't mean there isn't something on the other side. A God who claims to be all encompassing in every way but is separate from us, holier than us, supreme with us as his creation - is a flat out fraud. 

The Masculine God
In Genesis 1 it says "let us create man in our God created mankind in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them". I'm not sure why it makes a point of saying multiple times that humankind (referred to a man) was created in gods image except that it's to prove a point. Notice that it says "male and female he created them". This is where the writers perspective shows up. If male and female are god's image, then why is a masculine pronoun being used as the creator? You see this ramp up in the very next chapter. Genesis 2 claims God decided that "it wasn't good for Adam to be alone" so god knocks Adam out and makes a "helpmeet" of one of the dudes ribs. Woman supposedly means "taken out of man". This is where the writer shows his/her mysognistic hand. Men and women are born from a woman. Our DNA all starts as female and becomes male. The idea being purported here is preposterous. 

Based off of this logic, I don't understand how any reasonable person can accept a god other then one that everything and everyone is part of. If anyone can prove it wrong, I would love to dialogue because I only seek the truth. 

More and more people are believing that our reality is based largely on our perceptions. If this is the case the Christian God is the construct of a woman who hates herself and sees herself as less just like an anorexic sees themselves as fat. 

I'll just let this sit here for now. More to come eventually...

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