Monday, February 29, 2016

Emperor Trumps Clothes

Telling people who to vote for is not my thing; however, I cannot abide the idea of Donald Trump as the president of this country. The USA has many problems and need a wise, level-headed leader to help us through the upcoming years. Donald is a bombastic narcissist who had lied for so long that I think he even believes the bullshit that comes out of his mouth. Examine the posture of both Donald Jr. and Sr., I've seen people hold their heads back, cocked slightly to the side with this face that says "I don't care what you think and I'm only paying attention so I can intelligently respond and further my adgenda." Those folks were pompous, unreasonable assholes.

What I find frightening is how many people seem to think that he is what America needs to be great again. If Trump is the synthesis of true America to you, we are really fucked. Hard core evangelicals are even supporting the man when he doesn't actually espouse "Christian" views. It also can't hurt to mention that fact that his wife has repeatedly appeared in magazines looking two shades short of harlot - not exactly First Lady material or in line with conservative values. Based off an intimate knowledge of how evangelicals think, I believe that people are so enamoured with Trump because he doesn't care if people disagree with him or catch him in blatant lies. He projects power, has no shame and his intolerant attitude is what many religious folks have bottled up inside of them. They can vote for someone as a proxy for all the feelings they want to demonstrate but lack the balls. He mongers hate fueled by antipathy toward those not like old school racist white American and people are eating that shit up.  

John Oliver aired a brilliant segment about the one and only Donald J Trump that you must see. Not only is it one of the funniest bits of comedy I've ever seen but it is a stellar commentary on the con artist and master illusionist Trump is. Donald has turned his last name into a brand, wearing Trump like the empower did with his new suit. The Donald and his clan live in a fantasy enabled by people who continue clapping so they don't have to see that not only is the emperor an idiot, but they are as well. 

Here's the John Oliver segment.

On a different note, despite my ambivalence towards the Oscars, I would like to point out Leonardo DiCaprio. He has been acting his heart out for years and seems to do it not for the awards but because it's what he loves to do. Devoting a good portion of his speech to the issue of Climate Change said a lot about him as a person. Sure, it could all be for show, but I'm not that cynical yet. I would love to believe that anyone who has been such a brilliant actor, jilted of an award numerous times must have a good heart to deliver such a humble speech. Congrats man, awards be damned - I respect you. See the speech here 

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