Friday, July 8, 2016

Lead By Learning

Having my semi-regular morning cup of coffee, the topic of leadership pinged in my brain. What makes a good leader? How do you not become corrupted by the position? Douglas Adams wrote in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy " is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it." I don't see how you could disagree with the man. The problem is that if no one takes the helm then entropy will - and there goes life. But those who take the helm usually do worse than the natural course of things so it would seem we are screwed. 

The Tao Te Ching says "a kind person is the teacher of the unkind. An unkind person is a lesson for the kind to learn". We should all be constantly teaching by example and constantly learning / growing. No one ever has it together and believing that you have a handle on life is quintessential pride. Pride is self-deception and delusion - the frothy aftermath topping the glass, obscuring the remnants of a fear and self hatred fueled orgy, guzzling as much sweetness as possible until we've drowned in our own piss - at least we had fun killing ourselves.

Life is constantly changing and the only way to be "right" is to BE in the moment because it's all that is relevant. Living in the moment requires humility as you are constantly aware that while you are a part of infinity, you can never know the entirety of a thing such as infinity. You must always be willing to learn and grow. 
No one should want to lead. 
We all should be leaders for ourselves, learning from those we follow in their areas of responsibility. 
If you have a desire to help people, first help yourself and others will be inspired by your example if applicable. Know that those who may follow you are also lessons. We are all perpetually learning and teaching each other if we just listen. 

Many of the "spiritual men" from time past had good things to say but I think either their pride or someone else's got in the way perverting the wisdom they had received. These "leaders" are presented as having learned directly from "God" and therefore are infallible. Jesus is quoted railing on Peter "get behind me Satan. You are an offense..." This rebuke was the reward for Peter telling Jesus he wouldn't be crucified. Has anyone considered that maybe Peter was just trying to talk some sense into Jesus like when you tell your friend "hey, I really don't think you should drive right now" as you hide their keys in the freezer. But of course not, Jesus was on a mission from his father. I'm not advocating listening to doubters trying distract you from your path, but claiming you know what is ahead of time is holding onto a fairly rigid sense of self aka ego. Maybe you do know but maybe you don't. Sometimes we are using other people's mouths to tell us to wake up from the course we are setting into motion because we've accepted it as fate. 

You can only really lead yourself. People can be coerced to follow but only because they have chosen to accept your terms in exchange for life. It's all a choice of what is most important to you. Be wholly in the moment - you'll never be wrong but you'll also never quite be right. 

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