Sunday, August 21, 2016

Life in Spades

Many analogies can be made revealing truth about life but like the parables Jesus told, you can't understand them unless you already know - "seeing but still blind", it's like having the answer without knowing the question. 42 degrees splits the invisible prismatically, you only see your truth while down on your knees - praying to a god of your personalized beliefs. 

Flicking together in a randomized shuffle, pieces of paper always different like a changing puzzle. Doled out by a dealer that's never the same, a wheel in the sky keeps forever rotating. Pick up your hand start sorting suits, noting ratios, books called before you - chew the data all up, call your bet / as you go with your gut informed by your head. All this before the first four cards hit the deck. 

 A few books pass, your plan's shot to shit - you were playing sudoku with only 13 blocks pre filled in. Review the updated data acquired - cards played, playing styles - then again with your gut the statistics filed. Are you and your teammate getting in synch? Picking up what they're putting down, before the ship sinks. Playing disconnected from the mate opposite your seat, is like every crew member rowing to a dissimilar beat. 

Ignore the messages communicated through reflection on action - you'll be drowning in the current while madly sandbagging. Spades used properly can dig you out of the hole, but just like life there's never any total control. The Universe unlike your partner, is a direct reflection of you, a macrocosom of the relative position and speed of everything in relation to how your position is viewed - by you  (processed through your mind that's been designed, and uniquely customized by the singularity of each waves encounters in time.) The heart beat of the universe that each person sees is a reflection of the one pulsing inside their own being. 

Free will is an illusion except where you choose, whether to follow your inscrutable heart and step out of your minds shoes / the only choice left is to follow your mind that's been programmed by subconscious environmental design. The brain can only judge based off of input it's received so how do you ever know if you're being brainwashed or deceived? We live in the mind to feel in control, "failing to plan, is planning to fail" - an admonition based in doubting your potential for growth.  Nothing needs to be viewed as "bad" or "good" it's just shit that's happened as you've been growing up. 

My mother always chastised when I acted in a way she didn't approve - "why did you do that? Think before you act (of what would my surroundings say I "should...") parentheses added after the fact. I didn't know it at that time, I was being programmed with someone else's perspective, a personal definition of the "indescribable God who defies comprehension". Irony aside, there's always a divide between the heart and shit that's been downloaded to the mind. One is the master, the other a tool, but only the mind fights hard trying to rule. 

Following your heart is something you cannot explain - most people run from it instead of facing pain. Rejection of something you can't find a reason to justify, you don't want to see disapproval of you in their eyes. No logic, just that twinge of a pull / from the distant gravity of a reality that feels more natural. Like a forest of trees, each one grows at its pace, not rushing the process or taking up too much space / gathering energy, expanding in accord with the whole of its ecosystem - sky ceiling to earth floor. It's in your DNA - your heart has the code - let it unpack, uncoil, begin to unfold / the double helix is what makes you be a part of this world. 

Existing tuned into the "natural you", step into the river let infinite consciousness flow right through. 
Lacking attachment to any outcome being fresh and brand new not judging things you've already done.
Continually experiencing the moment, the now - future transitions to past only semantically, variables narrowed as observed waveforms collapse down. 
An infinite universe reduced to zeros and ones, it's roughly an average an approximate sum. Is there free will if you're either programmed or receiving? 
"Where does the rhythm of life come from? What sets the hearts beating?" 

The question now known but the answer too grand, with infinite possibilities the best you can possibly understand - there's an infinity of what you don't know you don't know till you've been dealt that hand, had a go. Life is a journey without an end date, at birth someone shuffled, you got handed your fate. 
You're free to select the course you will chart, just plug in the Nav to the brain or your heart. Free will is the choice to rigidly plan or adjust on the fly as the situation demands. Thirteen assorted units, meaningless without you, the value of each determined by your point of view. 

3 billion plus or minus beats, then the deck gets reshuffled, switch up your seat. A new round starts, cards flick out, but you've learned something grown from the last few go 'rounds. Watch your reflections, what you see is you as the wheel in the sky keeps cycling through. 

Translation: There is a physical reality (the random cards you get dealt), but our experience is based on our perceptions of ourselves (how well you trust your ability to adjust and read the table determines how many books you will call. The reality of which books you win may be different than what you expected but if you can remain semi-fluid you will be fine). Life has ups and downs and can't be judged on the current moment. Eventually all things equal out so not to worry and besides, "winning" is irrelevant if you are having fun. 1st is only a mental construct based on the preconceived idea that you need to acquire a certain distinction (that a group you deem valid agreed upon) to achieve self acceptance and therefore happiness. You are always in control of how you feel about yourself. Have fun, play life in spades. (and no, there weren't five baskets of extra bread left over. How do you think croutons were invented?)

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