Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sinners In the Hands of An Angry God

My mother called me on the phone one night when I lived in LA
She said "Pack your things in the car and drive away" 
There was going to be an earthquake, or a forest fire, then riots would break out - she predicted God had had it with the sin, was done standing about. 
A precursor to the apocalypse, he's just rolling up his sleeves, about to get judging cause he can't stand what he sees. 
Last Sunday morning, for instance (just one small example), some WeHo dude loved his dude, the girl next door smoked weed to get high
(At the same time, though of no apparent concern, Reverand Bob in Texas gets a hummer from a teen just before his forgiven ass gets up to preach.)

I watched a forest fire in San Bernidino burning a giant cross, like a "fuck you" to all those who think this is God. 
It's asinine to think that your sins are fine, when you've committed the worst sin - forcing on others what you think is divine. 
You climbed on that throne, but by proxy of course - you've been deputized to rule by the "only real, only true, immortal" invisible force. 
I won't take your word for it, I'm not sorry to say, no matter what you profess some book proclaims. 
Infallible? Ha! You're making me laugh, it's the federal reserve of spiritual land. Printing its strength through circular reasoning on a paper thin backing of fear and hate mongering.  
Only as strong as you believe it to be, shit currency only valued by self delusional fiends. 

Forests don't burn because of who someone loves - it's because we've tried to make the earth something it wasn't. 
We haven't loved the thing that's not just our home, she's where we came from - our mother, millions of years in our births throws. 

As soon as we were born we crawled away, thought we were more special somehow, some way. 
Enacted our will over "subordinate" beings, ravished the earth, chopped down the trees. 
Islands of plastic now float in rising seas, we've recorded the hottest July, recorded history has ever seen. 

Fuck yeah it's our sins that are causing these disasters - consumerism, greed, war, religion, to name a few of the bastards. 
There were civilizations before smarter than us, but eventually they've all gone belly up. 
My mom taught me it was from moral decay, now I'm inclined to think, like bad code, the universe debugged them away. 

The system is way bigger than you or I can imagine - it will always find balance no matter what happens. 
All that shit that you pine for - sometimes grovel to get, can't make you love the universe's reflection of the you, you project. 
What's inside will come out no matter how you cover up, even with Maybelline, you're properly fucked. 
Our lives are so short we don't care if it matters, "let another generation deal with the aftermath of our egoic disaster". 
As long as we don't have to face our choice in the matter, defer payment forward while blaming those we came after. 

If you're offended by me saying things like "fuck" or "religion is bullshit" but you'll blame a woman's wardrobe "she got what was coming dressed as a slut"  - then you've passed the test as a pathological self hating schmuck. 
Your priorities are out of whack, you're just whacking off / but it's inside your head as you congratulate yourself on pleasing God. 

Heaven or Hell is where you currently live, it's not some future place you will go and spend eternity in. 
Are you stoking our quenching, the choice is yours, we're all on the same ship each soul at an oar,
This rock hurtles through space, empty and vast, were a fraction of a fraction divided in half,
So ridiculously tiny but we think we know it all - funny, I think it was the bible that said "pride comes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall..."

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