Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Only Inalienable Right

Everyone has a different opinion of what their rights should be vs what other's rights should be. We want to decide what another can choose because of how we perceive it effecting us. In essense we are playing god, most of the time claiming we are just "repeating what actual God has said". If you're sitting in the throne giving orders doesn't that make you king? For all anyone knows you've disposed of the "real" king after the whole "I'm going away for a bit, see after the country for me" ceremony and he never returns. By declaring what other people can and cannot do, we try to take away their ability to choose. The irony is that you can never take away someone's ability for choice. No matter what you do to a person, they always have a choice - either acquiesce because to escape the consequences or accept whatever may come and do as you will. Either way you slice it you are making a choice. If someone had a gun to your head and commanded you to do something normally against your "morals" you choosing whether or not to comply is you choosing to sacrifice what you believe in for the potential of survival. 

Choice is your only inalienable human right. Unfortunately nearly everyone has some amount of personal choice purposefully taken away at a young age and never returned. Lack of personal power and responsibility has created an epidemic of grown people congratulating ourselves for "adulting" because truth be told - we don't have a fucking clue what's going on. I realized the other day how little I know about financial issues like loans, or handling conflicts with people in the real world because I had much of my information filtered as a child. The same people that shelter their children thereby decisively removing many choices will argue against abortion because they claim god says "you don't get that choice". Side bar: I'm not arguing for abortion here, in fact I think it's a very sad thing for a woman to go through (as is a mastectomy or hysterectomy) but I also cannot support the removal of someones choice regarding their own body. I know if any religious persons read this they will be angered, maybe grieved, possibly reviled - but I think I can show you from the very book you claim allows you to tell other people what to do - that you believe, is a contradiction.

Abortion is never mentioned in the Bible however there is mention of the "abomination of child sacrifice" done by the "heathen nations" which I believe some people cite in argument against the "pro choice movement". The Ten Commandments state not to murder yet other edicts from this same god sanctioned the wiping out of entire clans including children. The Law even provides for the stoning of children who have rebelled against their parents (Deuteronomy 21:18-21). One of the criteria "our son is a drunkard". I highly doubt we're  talking about anyone under 12 years old. Sounds like a really really late term abortion. Finally, there is a very specific law that states 22If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman's husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine23And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life, 24Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. (Exodus chapter 21) Translation: if little homie pitches his tent in the after-life but mama is cool, the jerkoff who caused the camping trip has to cough up some bread to the sperm donor - otherwise life for life. Your modern interpretation of the god of the bible is inaccurate but still just as whacky as what the thing actually says. 

When you insist that people mutilate part of their child without their consent, it's to convey "You can never be what you want to be because we marked you. You're always going to be one of us so you better get used to it". "We own you and BTW, we can kill you." In the case of genital mutilation: "you shouldn't enjoy something your body comes from the factory made to do." It was a clever way to manipulate people to stick together because having a larger group than the other guy (who believed some equally whacky shit) seemed necessary for survival back then. Manipulation works because kids have their power to choose taken away in some area and they believe it's gone for good. Thankfully this is all an illusion and is why I say choice is your only inalienable human right. You can suppress people all you want but you can never stop someone from intuitively discovering their own power.

If you consider the litany of "human rights" being fought for around the world, it's safe to say most are based on people being able to have a right to personal choices. The caveat in all this being - your choice should not take away someone else's choices unless that is the just result of their choice eg - murder. Does your perception of what you are owed in life at all demand things from other people beyond them not taking away your right to choose? If so then you are probably worshiping at the shrine of some other savior who is never coming. The Bible says "work out your own salvation". You can only be responsible for your choices. Oddly, once you realize you have the power to do anything you want accepting whatever happens, you realize you can act spontaneously without being rash and feel calm and empowered. Now becomes okay because when the switch flips your source of personal power is connected and there is nothing to fear. 

I would highly recommend reading the book Your Erroneous Zones by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. It details unhealthy thought patterns many of us were programmed with in childhood. A brief synopsis: our mental health and happiness are all rooted in different ways power and / or security were taken away before there was any context for life. These experiences actually create the context for your life and populate the thoughts of your subconscious. The fantastic things is that you get to choose how you feel about what comes through your mind. Ask yourself "why do I care what so and so thinks?" Maybe it's because you feel poorly about yourself and someone else's disapproval  seemingly confirming your self-hatred. If you aren't happy with who you are then change. Don't say "I can't", be honest and say "I choose not to" and see how long you keep that up before having to admit to yourself that you are choosing to be lazy or...chose to do that thing....and be happy. You're the only one that has to be with you the entirety of your life so you had better like who you are. 

Arguing here for the freedom of choice probably sounds like I want society to be a giant free-for-all but that's not really an issue. If people actually lived in the present moment, not spending all their time and energy worrying or feeling guilty, angry, sad you name it - you would see a lot more people respecting each other. When you are free from other's opinions regarding who you are and choose to  love yourself, there is no need to cause harm to another (unless in self-defense) because you don't need anything from them. Everything is on a basis of mutual consent. You can holler all you want that you have a right to not be a victim of fraud for instance, but that's about as senseless as saying you have a right not to get hit by a meteor. Shit happens in life. It's how you deal with it that defines your future. The more people who realize that they are choosing their own misery, would realize that it's not so bad or hopeless and we would take care of the truly miserable - the starving, the orphan etc. Basically the stuff Jesus talked about but without all the "I am the only way" hocus pocus. You choose your course each moment based off of what you value most. We are constantly saying "yes" to something while simultaneously saying "no" to everything else based what we value most. It's about time for us to start valuing ourselves and use our power to choose. You're sitting in that throne whether you know it / like it or not. Wake up from the stupor, wear the crown and rule yourself. 

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