Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pablo Escobar - Mene Mene Tekel Parsin

While waiting for the next segment of my journey in Peru to begin, I killed some time finishing the second season of Narcos on Netflix thanks to my hostel's wifi. It's not much of a spoiler since the series is based on a true story but if you don't like to hear anything about a show before you watch it, stop reading now. 

In the last episode when Escobar is found and subsequently killed, I found myself feeling oddly emotional. I never cheered for the man or felt sympathy for his wife and mother, in fact I kind of hoped someone would throw his mother off a building, but I felt extremely saddened by the celebration over the death of an individual. He deserved everything that came his way - the fruit of what he planted - what goes around comes around - live by the sword, die by the sword, all that stuff, and I understand why those who had fought so hard to find him and lost many in the proceess would be relieved; however, something felt wrong to me. Should we celebrate the death of a person as if they cause all the calamity alone? How does one man represent such evil and have influence on par with mythical creatures like the boogie man? 

I thought back to the cult I grew up in and how people followed the leader, Bill Gothard, with alacrity and devotion. Men become a figurehead of evil when people let them because the devil in that individual justifies the devil in them. If the narrative is accurate (supposedly it actually is) Pablo's mother is where I put a huge portion of the blame. Throughout the story she enabled her son, was proud of him and ignored all the evil he perpetrated because it suited her. What really galled me was how she prayed and asked God to protect her family as if they somehow got a pass. In a scene where Hermilda goes to a Christmas Eve mass, I thought "how the fuck do people get off doing things that are clearly prohibited by their religion and still think they are in the club?" It's complete and total self-delusion empowered by a belief system that conveniently bypasses any definitive authority because God is a subjective idea. 

There is a god and he+she is called life. Life has proven time and time again that no matter how big and bad you think you are, eventually your debts will be called in. People perpetrate heinous crimes because they have become a god to themselves, outside the realm of the rules everyone else has to play by. The fallacy though is that God is not something that is outside of anyone but instead is in everything with a choice. Evil or the "devil" is in there as well. Humans try to abdicate their own personal kingdom handing the reigns to another that has the moral depravity to do what they lack the courage for. Many people are sitting around looking for someone to sanction their actions by providing a "reasonable justification" that will appease their consciences. It's also convenient to have someone to point a finger at to avoid taking blame yourself which is a huge issue I take with the story of how "sin entered the world" in the very first book of the bible. Adam blames Eve, Eve blames the snake. The snake to his credit doesn't say anything (probably because it was just a snake). God doesn't say "fess up to what you chose to do and quit blaming others". No, instead he says "I'm going to punish all of you and ignore the blame game going on". Passing the buck is what is the cause of much of the fuckedupedness in the world. 

My taxi driver in Lima brought up our presidential election in the US asking "so you only have two [candidates]". I replied "more or less and neither are good. Trump is a loco puta". Why are so many people following a man who consistently waffles on issues seeming to only have his self-aggrandizing interests at heart? Watch Narcos if you fail to comprehend and you'll see a much bloodier version of the same mentality - I can do no wrong, your rules do not apply to me. You will notice the lack of accepting responsibility for actions always deflecting the blame away. Pablo's children were innocent and didn't deserve to come to harm but neither does any child with a psychotic parent. My blood nearly boiled when Tata tried to manipulate the Attorney General (a huge prick in my book) using the safety of the children to try and gain asylum and protection from the repricussions of her husbands actions which she both complied with and sanctioned. You kick a hornets nets you're going to get stung and so will anyone unlucky enough to be in the vicinity. If something had happened to those children it would have been just as much that bitch's fault. 

You don't get to run around reaping benefits without paying a price and if you don't believe that - well, good luck to you. The snake you are holding to attack everyone with will one day bite you too. Bad people come to power because they are a macrocosom of what's in a majority of the hearts in their area of power. Good and bad are relative terms anyway, it's all just action / reaction like all of life. Nothing is good or bad if you grow from it which basically is just a coming into balance. Otherwise you are going to be like Belshazzar racking up a huge imbalance and being found wanting. There is only so much dancing on the catch the universe will allow before it slams down on you like a fucking bear trap. 

So how does something like Pablo Escobar happen and why do people celebrate the death of a "madman"? Because most of us don't acknowledge what's inside is and take responsibility for our own actions. Did Pablo do some good in his time? Sure but so did Hitler before he (and his followers) started murdering millions of people. Fuck politics and the media circus and take responsibility for your own life. Might as well, you are the one having to live or die by the consequences. 

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