Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mumble Rap

Earlier today I came across a video shared by a friend on Facebook on the topic of "mumble rap". I didn't know there was a word for it so I watched the video (which unfortunately I can't seem to link to). This is my addition to a comment thread:

Thanks for sharing! I really appreciated what he had to say. Like was stated earlier - essentially, different strokes for different folks; however, which folks do you want to be like? I am no musical expert and will admit that I lack a lot of knowledge on the entire scene but I can say that based off of what experience I have (mostly learned from Pandora) - I appreciate the older hip hop much more. The spirit of the artists was different. It had issues, sure, but it was about growing and believing in yourself. With an improved self image usually comes an improved posture and a different way of speaking. 

Look at the posture of most of the people you run into on a daily basis and how they speak. My experience is that it's more prevalent in women than men (imagine that), but most people I run into don't carry themselves with any kind of confidence. When it does appear to be there, it's usually put on. The vocalization of speech in America sounds like a motorboat engine running out of gas - like life is just so hard they can barely muster a perfunctory attempt at communication. 

I possibly read too much into everything but the experience of my own journey has shown that as I've believed more in my ability to continually grow into a better human, my posture and elocution have changed. I also don't like listening to some of the same songs as before because what you enjoy is a reflection of the beliefs you have about yourself. 

It seems like the point isn't so much about the music but more about asking people to wake up to how they are perceiving themselves. If you haven't watched West World, I'd highly recommend it. The ideas about humanity being investigated through the show are quite fascinating. Hopefully not giving anything away if you haven't seen it yet, but I feel like it's about waking up to the reality of how programmed we've been and learning there is something else out there. It's  like seeing cracks in the experience with something way different on the other side and the only thing that holds us back is our own hesitance to break away from the programming. Videos like this guys are proof that there will always be someone who wakes up and spreads light. 

I don't take his thoughts as judgemental whatsoever, but more of an exhortation to rise up and speak life into the world. Speaking of speaking, how do you think it would sound to conceptualize, visualize speaking life with the words in your heart - no need to postulate, stopped posturing lately / posthumously date me, stepped out of my mind - break free - new man with no plan, no fears and no strands of attachment to safety. Just a position I'm switching / intercepting the ball, dodging all the offensive offensives, I'm a runningback running back, touchdown - no sack / keep'n it classy in the end zone - no flags - fuck this game and the fame - won't break my back anymore for some whack cracker jacks, you're loaded dice and stacked decks are powerless once I quit placing any bets - best not to assume, let things show you what they are - honest reflections of who you do think you are. 

Wall Street, been invested in the wall worn around my heart - Kevlar vested / hold my chest in - banked on a future I could rest in - restless, inside this skin - gotta connect the east and west again - Berlin been - can't wait to go again / divest my vest - no stress as I swan dive out of the known into infinity undressed - the unknown / knowing that all I can know is what I already know unless I leave the past behind / the present and future undefined, moldable, no potential outcomes thwarted by limiting the universe / let matter become fluid - ride the wave one quanta at a time - improving that vision of myself with each crest that breaks releasing visions of something better - free to play like vegans, no steaks / always available 24/7, no breaks / love for yourself - unstake, your tent, disconnect from this web in the world, we've been embroiled - burnt flanks / mumbling programming - no thanks / leave them toothbrushes - drop shanks / dropping this note now - meditate on love / give thanks. 

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