Thursday, October 13, 2016


It's time to quit blaming others for the state of our affairs

Morpheus told me a secret - the pills aren't even sugar, they're just filled with air. 

Placebo, spaceba / it's just a trick of the mind, one grand illusion, convinced ourselves we are blind.

Gouged out our eyeballs, then claimed genetic design - "it's just the way life is" they say with a sigh. 

Stumbling through time letting programming decide, subroutines cached, can't seem to administrate the hard drive. 

This boat can't keep holding water -

Capsized and sinking, I'm stuck underneath, holding my breath, my god wasn't coming to save me from imminent death. 

A little voice has been asking questions I can't seem to answer, poking holes in my beliefs 

Then light shone through the holes like distant stars in the sky, got out from under this hull, fearfully kissed all I'd known goodbye.

Swam for some land hoping to stand / on a foreign shore and see where the hits will land. 

Might take a few on the chin but I'm lacing the gloves / 

The bell rings, round one - going toe to toe - with this loco poco carb√≥n, jabrone y payaso - get the fuck outa my town, time to find a new home. 

Stick 'em up, it's a hold up - my head on my spine - vertebraes are linking, getting this back back in line. 

Don't want your cash, just recovering what's mine, a spine knit together by the power of renewed mind. 

To some I'm an outlaw, but I'm the sherif in these parts - presidentially addressing a speech of coherence to the union of my mind and my heart. 

The state of each state, plays a part of the whole, wholeheartedly healing, paving over potholes. 

Sidearms are loaded, I'm a pretty fast draw, Pictionary King scribble and scrawl - The Scene - a camel closed for business that won't take another straw. 

Short ones or long ones it's not up to luck, lit the pile on fire Joe's smoking these fucks. 

10 paces, turn you'll come face to face with your maker, as you catch a glimpse of reflection in my reformed behavior. 

Not spitting lead, just lyrics of love - forgiveness the powder to power this gun. 

They can't make you feel anyway, unless they outweigh, your will and convictions, a price more than you'll pay.  

Afraid to go with my gut in the past security dragged me away, Bob Barker said "sorry too low" threw me out of the stage, into outer darkness filled with anguish and rage. 

This little light of mine, I'm lighting it up, dispelling darkness, letting it shine.

Unbroken, though bruised - those things heal / the past forsaken / forging into the unknown where infinite possibilities exist, updating my reel, I'm writing a new script.

Reality TV? Ha! Bitch now I'm the fucking producer, wont parrot your questions anymore, my OTFing is over. 

Story beats are coming from the beat of my heart, breathed life into a new character whose world came apart. 

Learned a ton on this path / I'm interviewing myself /

"What would it feel like to experience XYZ" priming my own emotions, raise the amplitude / take control of this lucid dream. 

Old pathways scrubbed, over written with greater energy, getting over on the overman - set the ego free.

My eyes are growing back, an impossibility to some / they can't believe we all have the power to undo what's been done. 

Blindness is like sleeping, you just gotta open your eyes, quit being afraid of yourself, how you'll fit in on the other side. 

Nothing can change while we hold onto the past, living in a choke hold wanting to tap out, hoping to just make it to the end of the bout before the oxygen runs out. 

Straightjacketed by a reality we choose to accept / Houdini your neurons, quit holding your breath. 

Inhale, exhale, surrender to the unknown, particles shift to a wave no longer confined by defining -

Tunneled out - the impossible somehow miracously happened, no more a prisoner to life, you've been reformed and refined / it started with gratefulness as you envisioned leaving history behind. 

Innumerable timelines stretch out in the infinite beyond / beyond comprehension you can't precisely define what's going on. 

Just accept it and be free, we're all more powerful than we want to imagine, kick the fear to the curb, kick your true nature into action. 

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