Saturday, October 29, 2016

Standing Rock Reservation

The universe is changing, I don't care what you faggots say, and just know when I say "faggots" I ain't disparaging gays - just a bundle of dick sticks fueling this peaceful flame, 
Softened metals pounded till one and the same, chains into swords till we see that's not the way / Swords into plowshares, keep heating the iron bars - hammer away on these faggots till we've obliterated their arms.  
We're dumping black coal in our rivers, spilling black blood on the streets, and we all want to know who's policing the police! A badge and some blue don't protect you and your piece, unless you are serving with honor, got internal affairs peace. 
Ravaged so many times we've grown deaf to earth's crys, popped on our beats, shut the whole world outside.
Canceled the noise, flipped it back on itself - stuck in the middle of nothingness, hell. 
Protesters standing against the intrusions, giving voice to the sacred land, that We The People once deigned to let those indigenous regain, a portion of their own range - save face till a point we conveniently exercise eminent domain. / Didn't even make a reservation, through force took back reservations, without any reservations to stem our moral conflagration. 
All creation is groaning, buffalo showing up in droves, echoing the sentiment of souls hoofing the red road. / Hooves pound like thunder, the anger of the gods - God is as much a buffalo as a stranger on a Buffalo bound bus - one of us, all one - but we keep fighting ourselves, hating our diversities - misunderstanding without it, creation fails. 
That person darker skinned and / or dressed differently than you - you're afraid of them because you really think they're silently judging you. "They hate us but what have I done, they're free to do as they choose?" No more than you are to step out of your own shoes. Our history a mystery, filtered through context of societal belief heuristically. Self hatred running deep, haunted by unknown ancestry - it's time to pop the locks, adjust by forty two degrees - it's time to repent and change what we believe. 
Volunteer wardens of the water - safe guarding compounds imperative for life / temporary light houses - guiding a possible future in, focus fixed on the vision beaming from each warriors eyes / being wounded for a cause sometimes stronger than an armor piercing round - nothing more catalyzing than witnessing righteous heroes fall victim to societal apathy - quit fucking up the ground - gotta pull our heads out, sew the assholes shut - melt down even the rubber rounds, get consent and rubber up.
That black mother arrested trying to protect her young sons life, a brother choked to death for selling cigarettes out the pack - crushed like a menthol snap, bust a cap "it's just a niggers life. I'm not racist I like black folks, you know, the ones who act like they are white."
These aren't just fucking parables, they're the stories streaming down my eyes. Events slanted by the media, no thanks I'll take cooroberated live feeds instead of lies - mandatory body cams for public officials - just a little light causes darkness to slither away, the darker it gets a mere candle looks more and more like noon day. 
Fuck off with your unjust immoral laws, military police, special weapons, tactics and attack dogs. / Nature is conscious, she's sending you signs, stampeding warnings - we've gone way off line / who's the criminal and conversely the hero - depends on who's sourcing the energy feeding the ego. / "the difference between tyranny and patriotism - only a matter of dates" - At first admired, adored - now booed off the stage / Gillette's first prototype, permanent shave, drop your head in a basket - no five o'clock shadow throwing shade in the grave. 
Standing Rock - one foot in the past one foot in today, enduring the ages - appropriately named / resolutely championing the cause / take the veil off your eyes - our freedom is a fraud, fiducuiarly fucocked, FUBAR dog. / People suffering - being beaten, bitten, maced, shamed - don't let their sacrifice go to waste / take responsibility for your world before it's too fucking late. 
Black lives matter, Latin, Arab too, we all bleed red blood - only cold blooded bleed blue. Roses are whatever color they put on some poor souls casket - a fucking tragedy this catastrophe that has become the human race case of a fucking basket. 

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