Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Convince an individual that immortality awaits them,
after the body enclosing that spirit dies.

Eternal Torment,
or Eternal Bliss....
Separated by a chasm terribly vast;
defying any attempt to transverse.
Impregnable Permanency.

What reasonable person chooses eternal torment in an inescapable prison?
Particularly when mansions and gold or 72 virgins are on the table?

Zealots are grown in the same bullshit as everyone else; however, they believe themselves to be separate from the shit (or at least have the opportunity to be if only they do xyz). 

Pascal's wager is a logic based response to the fear generated by belief in existence being ray based - a vector with a start point and no end or return to its source.
Religion teaches one direction, two destinations.

Birth is a lie we believe to forget our immortality. 

Ray based eternity assumes that matter can be created,
just not destroyed.
Can god make a rock to big to lift? 

Annihilation assumes that matter can both be created out of nothing and destroyed.
Otherwise it assumes that consciousness is nothing more than magic. Science being magic only to those lacking understanding.

Nothing truly is real or unreal. Moments are the ever persistent illusion of consciousness being aware of something outside the reference frame of self.

"Please hang up and try your call again. If you need assistance dial the operator.
This is a recording..." 

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