Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Love is The Answer

“Love is the answer” - Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. I have zero argument with the man but the statement doesn’t clear the issue up considerably. It’s more like being in a DMZ lacking terms of engagement. I'm new to saying “I love you” to people outside of my children and partner because I'd been concerned that another’s definition of love would open me up to an entire set of expectations to which I wasn’t privy. It’s kind of like when someone says “I want to tell you something but you first have to promise never to tell anyone”. You don’t want to agree because you have no idea what it is you might become party to. Then there is the phrase “if you loved me you would...” - one of the most abused string of words by manipulative individuals because it asserts their self-serving view as the truth. Lack of definition and improper assertion of the true face of love have made many choose to shut down the expression of it in their life.

Is there a character of love that everyone can agree on or is it up for interpretation? Obviously that’s an unanswerable question because love is an idea. However, if I were to take a crack at it I would say this - Love is simply recognizing everything as a reflection of you. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do is to say “no” or allow someone (including “yourself”) to “fail”, while other times a word of encouragement or helping hand are for the highest good. There isn’t a rule book; there is only treating others as if they were you - what some people call the Golden Rule. That is a love without anything to fear, unless you are afraid of yourself.