Thursday, November 8, 2018

Indescribable Being

I thought I knew what I wanted to say, but as soon as I wrote the words down they had to be erased.
Full off the script I keep shoving in my face, I’m eating these lines like a fat kid at a golden corral buffet.

The arrogance apparent, parroting parents till the echos rebounding have faded to transparent.
I’m staring into a pool, the general mish-mash, it’s surface like my mind, sometimes still, sometimes thrashed.

It’s all me, every single problem I see, reflecting the chaos I haven’t set free.
Was blinded by lies though I sincerely believed, angry with the labels others slapped on me.

Till one day I stepped out, saw from the outside, a fourth dimensional perspective - I’m already what I am, no more reason to hide.
Which came first, the seed or the tree? Both - everything is existing simultaneously.

Judged by the fruit, not the name on the seed, words are only useful to constrain the be-ing.

Be here now