Thursday, December 12, 2019

Magic Bullets

Something I heard yesterday got me thinking - Joe Rogan, discussing the Kennedy assassination with a former CIA officer, said (my paraphrase) "I think the reason many people gravitate towards conspiracy theories is because they don't want to believe that one person could cause such mayhem on their own". This is a good time to state that I have zero opinions regarding the entire Kennedy assassination debacle and couldn't care less as to what the "truth" actually is. This isn't about whether conspiracies are real or not because by the very nature of the term it's obvious that they do exist - people conspire all of the time. However, I understand that in the context of "conspiracy theories" most people are referring to the machinations of the "global elite" and their desires to enslave, profiteer etc. I feel confident saying that people in positions of power generally do what they can to stay there so I don't think it should be a stretch for anyone's mind that "conspiracies" on the scale of the Kennedy assassination or 9/11 do exist; however, why is it that as soon as anything that supersedes our expected level of heinousness, particularly events sensationalized by the media, almost immediately are branded some kind of conspiracy?

This is where I step out on a proverbial limb. You may saw it off beneath me or climb out on it as well - either way makes no difference to me as this is merely a philosophical pondering. In my informal survey of people I've met who jump down the conspiracy rabbit hole they generally have one thing in common - a belief that life is stacked against the little guy by the "global elites" and conspiracy theories are the evidence that support this belief. This isn't to say that all who believe in conspiracies feel like powerless chumps. They may have themselves convinced that because they have guns and provisions they have a modicum of power but even if a conspiracy theorist goes full "prep'er" it's always defensive. "They'll peel xyz from my cold dead fingers" is a common sentiment amongst the type which is another way of saying "since I cannot change anything out there, I'm going to hunker down and hope they don't knock on my door but if that be the case, at least I'll give them hell". It's like suicide - someone taking a final act of control in a life they have felt powerless in instead of choosing to make the most out of whatever there is in each moment. 

It seems that humans like to talk about how powerful we are, particularly "girl power" at this point in society, but talking about it is a dead giveaway that we don't believe it and are trying to convince ourselves. All the verbal juggling is a distraction from the fact that we each think we need permission from someone else to be something. Our subconscious is filled with self-hate for allowing others to have control but feels impotent to stop it so instead we lash out and blame the big bad them for holding us back. What we need is a resolve to be ourselves despite the environment instead of conforming and consequently complaining and casting judgement. Authenticity is the only real power and the only thing between anyone and being authentic is themselves.

We don't want to believe that one person could be powerful because we don't want to have to risk anything and it's easier to diffuse our self-loathing by listing the sins of others than it is to take some kind of action. An unfired bullet has same potential to be magic as one the trigger has been pulled on yet it lacks the arena to perform and therefore the potential is squandered sitting in it's shell.

*for the record I am not condoning or promoting violence in any form or fashion*