Friday, April 13, 2018

Cutting Edge

If I asked you to describe “what the function of a knife is”, what would you say? There are a number of actions that could be accomplished with an edged implement depending on your utility - weapon or tool; however, it all can be distilled in the following description: a blade divides or separates things. Amputations, slicing a pie, life from a body - all are separating something whole.

When most people learn math they are told “subtraction is the opposite of addition and division is the opposite of multiplication”. This however is false. Subtraction is opposite to addition but it is also the conceptual doorway to imaginary numbers and debt. Division differs from multiplication because if you multiply whole numbers together, you will always get a whole number as the product; this is not always the case with division ergo they are not the same. Multiplying is adding in sets and the Japanese have a very ingenious way of demonstrating this visually with intersecting lines which stand for different powers of ten (here is a link Japanese Line Multiplication if you would like to see a video). When you divide something you are saying “how many pieces can I separate this thing into?”. Before we go too far down the mathematical philosophy rabbit hole, let’s get back to knives.

In any primitive society the ability to create a sharp edge would be one of the first and possibly the main tool to springboard significant advancements in many fields. Which is curious because if you look at many “eastern philosophies” they are based on the idea that division is not only illusory but is the cause of the illusion. It seems as if you could parallel “societal evolution” with the expansion of the illusion commensurate to the technology of the time which serves to separate us further and further from everything natural. That may seem like a paradoxical statement due to the wireless age “bringing the world closer together” but the old axiom “believe half of what you see and less of what you hear (or read)” seems to have been lost on most internet users as they assume that what they ingest on a daily basis is an accurate representation of reality.

Particularly now with our ubiquitous electronic gadgets, we have created a cacophony of electromagnetic noise that our bodies are effected by at a molecular level. MRI, EEGs and the like have shown that our brains operate on, radiate and are effected by electromagnetic radiation. Up until a hundred years or so ago, there was essentially no EM (electromagnetic) pollution and the further we have pushed ahead into our digital age, the further disconnected from nature and ourselves we have become as well as experiencing an explosion in “diseases” and “conditions”. All of this pollution very likely serves as a jamming signal blocking out the natural field from the earth and cosmos. This could account for why you physically and mentally feel different after spending some time in remote places far away from any “modern technology”. Your biological rhythms synchronize back up to the earths field which promotes health and well being.

I still haven’t come back to the knives. In the Christian Bible it says “The word of god is quick and powerful, sharper than any two edged sword. Piercing even to the dividing asunder of souls and spirit, joints and marrow...” Hebrews 4:12. There’s the dividing again and in Ephesians 6:17 it calls the “Word of God” the “Sword of the Spirit”. There is also a “belt of truth” perk in that armor package which is interesting because the “word of god” is also referred to simply as “truth” other places in the book which kind of makes the belt and sword the same thing but I digress.

To one way of thinking (or non-thinking) truth and falsehood are illusory. Adherence to a belief in distinctions is the cause of “samsara” “being stuck in the same pointless cycle”. As soon as you define something as “immutable truth” you have taken an invisible sword “dividing asunder” what heretofore was whole. In Genesis when it talks about the forbidden fruit in Eden, it says in was from "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil". This implies that the condition of "good and evil" pre-existed however, what if this were not entirely the case? The act of accepting good and evil as a concept and consequently the act of "disobedience" creating a separation from "god" could be the partial "genesis" of why the world is how it is today.  Kat Williams does a great bit about insurgents that conveys this point. “They use words you cannot identify on the news to confused you. ‘today five insurgents were killed...’ Whatever, I ain’t got one insurgent friend, kill em all”. This is a paraphrase but illustrates the point of how separation through distinctions held as true has brought human civilization to where it is now - the epic struggle over various peoples views of what is good and evil and how they are different. Clearly this is something that is learned because "animals" can be taught what they "should" and "shouldn't" do even expressing guilt and shame, joy and gratitude. A pet's culture is usually limited to their "owner" so the canine community seems to have a huge range of perceived intelligence and social capabilities. Humans however, have the vantage of a much larger pack system and our expectations of each other are much more standardized.

Shamans believe that all time is now which makes sense according to some theories in physics. This means that the Heaven and Hell people talk about aren't destinations like Fiji or Siberia - it is a state of being which is why Christ said to be like a child if you wanted to enter heaven. A child hasn't been programmed yet. You know they are when people comment on how adult they are acting - meaning you do what is expected of you. That doesn't mean you cannot be mature and still be innocent but innocence is generally coupled with being unfettered. This offends people who are locked into a particular mindset due to holding onto past experiences. Every mental / emotional state is available now it's just a matter of how you let your perception direct your attention. Of course this may additionally upset people because you aren't "reacting to things like a normal person" but isn't that the point?

I don’t think technology is bad necessarily but I do think the level of integration and use is grossly exceeding healthy limits. Technology is mostly a synthetic for what we are all capable of but have lost the knowledge of its possibilities. Perhaps it’s not just the knowledge but lack of belief uncoupled from attachment to a result. The first time, or first week of sitting in meditation "trying to have an open mind" without having had a “mystical experience” or at least gained some peace many give up. Humans have a terrible habit of expecting skills that take time to develop be innate. For example most parents and teachers will tell children to “concentrate” without ever teaching them how. This leads to the child accepting the belief that “I cannot concentrate. I’m just not good at it. I have AD.. (you fill in the blanks)”. Very few people are competent on their first experience with something new but because things move at such a fast pace in most of the world today we forge ahead covering up our panic and “insufficiencies” with distractions and escapism.

Ready Player One is a vision of the not too distant future that seems unnervingly accurate. People are absorbed with the virtual world because the real world is such shit. With everything going on in the world now available to consume digitally, the 24/7 fear mongering, there is a lot to want to escape from but that’s slapping a bandaid on a sliced jugular. With all the school shootings, many folks bandy about gun control, others scream about it but I’ve not heard a single person say “our society is sick and this is a symptom”. There seems to be a lot of truth in the Celestine Prophecy specifically where it says, in our disillusionment with monarchs and religion we turned to science to give us an answer. Since no answer has been returned, we have settled for pursuing technological advancement for the purposes of our own comfort but also as something to do to maintain an illusion of control over our fate or at least distract us from it.

Is division of things wrong? Should knives be banned from the next time civilization reboots? Is truth a fallacy? Those are questions I will leave for you to ponder because my belief system is that people need to learn to hear themselves and connect to whatever it is that has heart for them. The only recommendation I could have is get to know yourself. Who are you if you stripped everything away? Is what you perceive yourself to be simply the compilation of your memories, "achievements" and experiences or is there something more? The modernized world operates with a majority of the population running down a road of debt and hard work chasing the carrot of retirement only to have no teeth left to chew it with when they finally get it. Retirement is about the idea of being free to do what ever it is that you want but in addition to many having little physical stamina, they also have no clue who they are or what they want and simply waste away filling their time with TV, food, alcohol, whatever. All those wanting freedom but "working for the weekend" to escape the week and feel temporarily free, valuable energy (time, money etc) are frittered away. What are we ultimately trying to escape? Personal honesty is a knife I think I can endorse.