The Devil's Details

The other day I heard someone recounting their recent interaction with a child adult: “...God creates, the Devil destroys. Do you want to be like the Devil?”. Child: “I don't know”. Why would he? This judgement and interrogation were directed at a 3 year old engaged in what had been deemed a “destructive activity” by the adult telling the story. Hearing this account sent ripples through my psyche like a gong. As I let to the waves pertubate, phrases began to parse in my mind: “all the wicked will He destroy” - David (referencing God), Psalm 145:20 “I won't destroy the earth with a flood again” - God, Genesis 9:11 – because... time it's fire – “and the elements will melt with a fervent heat” - 2 Peter 3:10, “God is an all consuming fire” - Hebrews 12:29 There are many other scriptures in other "sacred texts" that echo equal sentiments, therefore it's hard to argue that the attribute of “destroyer” is not inherent to the nature of God. Many would argue t


If it’s illegal to commit suicide, what does that say? If you don’t pay your taxes, they lock you in a cage. “It’s for our collective benefit, to keep us all safe,  what’s the problem with every now and then giving a little freedom away?” What you call government is just organized crime, the families control the politicians we errantly think we’ve assigned.  “Pay up and we’ll protect you, quash the ‘criminals’, hold ever see the muzzle flash up close from a pistol? Not the Italians, the Irish, Yakuza or Russians, Players who never receive any media attenention.  So rich and powerful they are almost invisible But Cui Bono the flow of currency and truth becomes incontrovertible.  They think they own us - point blank; no matter the voting base,  we’re just rats in their experiments to find the most efficient way  of manage a commodity called “the human race”.  Hastily hell headed, hopelessly Running rats race recklessly Pernicious perversions promulgated purposely Sintered socie

Immutable Truth

If  what you know as truth doesn’t continue to change, then you will never apprehend the Immutable Truth. It is at the point when you realize that there is nothing to believe that you discover - all is perception of imagination filtered through prejudice derived from belief. Once you let go of the prejudices, the truth is simply the experience in the now you are choosing to have. There is no spoon.  

The Shadow Knows

“Who knows what evil lurks within the hearts of men?...The Shadow knows! muhahaha!!! Any form that interrupts a stream of energy is going to cast a shadow of itself on whatever is the closest thing to itself, yet further than itself from the source. Shadows have zero interior detail so the attention is pushed to the edges where the sharpness of the form’s boundary definition is simply a matter of relative positioning: SOURCE - FORM - BACKGROUND. This is the nature of wave physics which describe how the entire universe operates.  “Walk in the light...” Folks talk about shadow work or delving into your traumas so you can go heal each one; however, no matter how much work you do, you are always going to see a shadow if you are looking for one because your back is to the light. When you turn and face the source, you cannot perceive your own shadow anymore. “But other people can see it, what if it messes up?” Who are these people? Are they the source or other shadow casters? Your shadow is

Low Frequency

Massless objects (i.e. information, thoughts, “photons”) traveling at the speed of light - experience time and space contracting into an indistinguishable singularity. If “photons” were conscious at the speed of thought, those thoughts would be all they experienced. Visualize two trains on invisible, parallel tracks in space traveling at the same speed (moving in synchronicity). Without a reference frame in the background, they would both appear to be stationary. Two identical packet streams propagating at the same speed and rate of variation would be oblivious to the other (like if the two trains were identical and shared the same track (“space”).   Ultra-Low frequencies (1 cycle per “big bang”) create the container wherein the reference frame of Low frequency can be hung.  Low frequency events (1cp epoch to 1cp day): celestial “clockwork”, bio-rhythms, seasons. The daily rotations of the earth from light to dark are to provide contrast and the basic requirement for perception of expe

A Chip Off the Old Block

Think about the way most people use the expression - “a chip off the old block”. Usually it is in reference to how a child is the spitting image of one of their parents in behavior, or appearance - or both. Sometimes people use it as a perfunctory justification for their rough edges - “it’s just the way I am; chip off the old block”.   Imagine a block of granite that has just been smacked with a chisel and hammer. Now picture the chunk that has broken off / become detached from what once was a whole - the very concept of the materiarl-archal in perfection. From the prospective of the piece, it can focus on that point where it had once been connected attempting to preserve the memory of the “wound” and one day reunite back into the whole, or it can do something else entirely. Each chunk broken off the original block is a different portion of the original material set free to become something new and unique, though still of the nature of the original material - to gaze on the jagged edge