Thursday, March 21, 2019

Mutually Inclusive Conclusive

That which is heavier,

Allows that which is lighter,

To rise.

While that which is lighter,

Allows that which is heavier,

To fall. 

Mutually conspiring.

Flowing ad infinitum. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Driving Out of the Moment

It's always a bit odd to do something you feel completely competent in after a short hiatus from the activity. For example, driving an automobile yesterday after spending two weeks in Peru where the only transportation I was in command of were my feet and a motor-scooter (for one day). We encounter "different" experiences all of the time however, our societal recalcitrance allow the experiences to push us back into our comfort zone before learning anything - unless that comfort zone has been shredded like a Banksy painting.

As I headed out to the chiropractor to get some of the hours spent sleeping in diminutive beds and airplane seats released, I noticed a stark contrast between my current mental state vs when I was navigating the roads and traffic in Peru on the scooter. No, shit Sherlock, right? It's a mini-van vs a 150cc scooter, of course it's a different experience; however, while related with the type of vehicle being operated, there were also the traffic flow and road surfaces that made the experience different. The "Western world" has gone above and beyond in the pursuit of comfort and ease. Just watch a car commercial and you'll see the intangibles they are peddling - power, safety, comfort, freedom, prestige. Externals filling in the gaps perceived in the wall of our personal fortress against the outside world. Switchfoot has a great line in the song Gone - "outside of our convenient Lexus cages", a quite accurate depiction of our mentality. Societally, we have accepted that we are all separate entities milling about this "third rock from the sun", each trying to create an all encompassing garrison wherein "things" can stay just as we like them. However, the walls that are supposed to keep us safe can just as easily be a prison. 

When you are driving down a potholed dirt road littered with puddles of unknown depths or through traffic with little regard for lighted signals and none for stop signs, you have to become hyper-focused. Obviously it's not the same level as Formula One racing but I felt a glimmer of the description I had once read of the occupation - a complete immersion and presence with the road and vehicle as if "you" and "they" (the road, elements, vehicle etc) are one. There is no thinking about what is for dinner later, the bank account balance, whether or not your relationship is going to work - it is only single minded focus on the data screaming through you that must be traversed to reach the destination that was the focus the entire time. Operating a fully enclosed tin / plastic can in the United States stuck me as very much the opposite of this fully immersed experience. Even our expectation of others following traffic laws is another way we hide from the present. This is not to imply that traffic laws should be chucked but because they are in place, many drivers feel that they can detach from monitoring the pulse of the moment to run away into something else "more productive - formulating a plan for the future, listening to a podcast, talking on the phone etc. 

Much of the "necessities of life" are considered drudgery to "civilized folks" so our "technologically advanced" society has, to quote many advertising schemes over the years, "we've worked hard so that you won't have to". Of course you end up paying your hard earned money so that you won't have to keep working hard, only to then have a new problem - what to do with yourself. These days filling "empty" time is as easy as flipping on a device and binging some online streaming content or hanging out at a bar for hours to watch other people do things on the television. None of this is meant to imply that these activities are wrong but merely to point out the fact that we do things we don't enjoy to procure money that is supposed to then create the space of ease or more accurately - allow us to be a version of present, where our sense are overloaded with input that overwhelms the foreboding fallacy we call the Future. Ironically, we want to do nothing and have attempted to create a world devoid of labor yet when we have nothing to do we become anxious and desire to fill that space. 

Instead of driving out of the present moment we can each embrace the wonder that is contained in being. In this state you aren't striving for ideas of perfection but instead are doing whatever comes naturally in that flow. Doing not for the sake of a "outcome" but purely out of interest and excitement in what you are doing. I imagine that if bees have thoughts like us there are some that see everyday of pollen gathering as a horrible grind, while others might see it as an exciting treasure hunt to tasty treats traversed on the marvelous mechanics of their wings. Everything is a choice of perspective - there is surrender or there is not. The lack of surrender is where all the cacophony of opinions clashing in the world are derived from. As a friend put it "having an opinion is not a skill". Opinions are entirely a mental construction formulated through one's ego stating it's belief on how it can best self preserve hoping to gain energy, and therefore "security", through swaying others to see the world as it does.

Denzel Washington in Equalizer 2 has a fantastic scene where he's cleaning graffiti off a wall in his apartment complex and has a conversation with a young man who tells Mr. McCall "someone else should be doing that". Robert (McCall), responds with one of the most direct and powerful monologues I've seen. I don't have the exact quote but the bones of it is "all the time people spend talking about what 'should' happen, they could have been doing something about it". The sign in front of a plant has no bearing on what it is going to become and is really only potentially confusing to those who have to read signs to "know". 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Indescribable Being

I thought I knew what I wanted to say, but as soon as I wrote the words down they had to be erased.
Full off the script I keep shoving in my face, I’m eating these lines like an unsupervised fat kid at an all you can eat buffet.

The arrogance apparent, parroting parents till the echos rebounding have faded to transparent.
I’m staring into a pool, the general mish-mash, it’s surface like my mind, sometimes still, sometimes thrashed.

It’s all me, every single problem I see, reflecting the chaos I haven’t set free.
Was blinded by lies though I sincerely believed, angry with the labels others slapped on me.

Till one day I stepped out, saw from the outside, a fourth dimensional perspective - I’m already what I am, no more reason to hide.
Which came first, the seed or the tree? Both - everything is existing simultaneously.

Judged by the fruit, not the name on the seed, words are only useful to constrain the be-ing.

Be here now

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Love is The Answer

“Love is the answer” - Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. I have zero argument with the man but the statement doesn’t clear the issue up considerably. It’s more like being in a DMZ lacking terms of engagement. I'm new to saying “I love you” to people outside of my children and partner because I'd been concerned that another’s definition of love would open me up to an entire set of expectations to which I wasn’t privy. It’s kind of like when someone says “I want to tell you something but you first have to promise never to tell anyone”. You don’t want to agree because you have no idea what it is you might become party to. Then there is the phrase “if you loved me you would...” - one of the most abused string of words by manipulative individuals because it asserts their self-serving view as the truth. Lack of definition and improper assertion of the true face of love have made many choose to shut down the expression of it in their life.

Is there a character of love that everyone can agree on or is it up for interpretation? Obviously that’s an unanswerable question because love is an idea. However, if I were to take a crack at it I would say this - Love is simply recognizing everything as a reflection of you. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do is to say “no” or allow someone (including “yourself”) to “fail”, while other times a word of encouragement or helping hand are for the highest good. There isn’t a rule book; there is only treating others as if they were you - what some people call the Golden Rule. That is a love without anything to fear, unless you are afraid of yourself.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Dr. Schrödinger’s Cat in the Hat

"When you are nothing, you are simultaneously everything"
Dr. Schrödinger’s cat in the hat:
Wanted dead and alive - for letting possibility one, two, infinity - do the jail break dance on my eyeWatch.
Unlock the iWants.
GNU licensed IP address hashtagging, public domain walls, sharing with donated fonts.

No past perception based limitations,
Preoccupations or passive aggressions,
You’re irrecoverably relatively / off of the clock,
Irreverently eating green eggs and ham with a relative fox,
Relatively outside of Some Thing’s box.

When you are Some Thing, life is pain - change only happens gradually:
Grey clouds, fore casting heavy reigns - plagued by psychosomatic maladies.
Definitions constrain potential possibility planes – karmically attached gravity.

Gravely it’s a shame,
these grave digging robbers hitting their own gravy trains.
Higher prophets for the highest profits - pump and dump for short term gains.
Preaching doom and gloom,
No long term remainders can remain,
Reminders of the point at which imperfection was detained -
Rounded up,
Eliminated, scrubbed -
The Nothings pile up;
Plucking up a reckoning fashioned from leaving none / but your own blood to suck.

When you are nothing you are everything which is something:
but it’s transitory,
based on a story,
written in blood.

Uno con la nada igual dos,
dos más uno igual tres,
Fibonacci, proporción áurea,
espacio y vez.

Alles sind meine Beziehungen,
(All are my relations)

meine Welt ist Sie Umgebungen,
(My world / kingdom is the environments)

wie ich teile was ich erkenne -
(how I divide what I see)

Macht das Zauber die ich spreche.
(Makes the spells I speak)

все это отражение
(everything is a reflection)

как я люблю жизнь,
(how I love life)

так меня любит жизнь
(is how life loves me)

Бог во всем, что я вижу
(god is in all I perceive)

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Permanence of Impermanence

When I was young (which increasingly feels like yesterday) I was under the impression that humans were supposed to be "in control" of their lives and through effort maintain that life till the end. The more I experience, the more I question how much control each of us has over anything. Do we even choose the thoughts that come into our minds or is it merely where we direct our attention which through repetition wears a groove for energy to drop into making that "line of thinking" "second nature" or "subconscious"?

Persistent attention forms natural actions which further wear the groove. A thought obsessed upon with no outlet is like pumping water into a reservoir till it overflows or the dam breaks. Energy always ends up taking the path of least resistance which is why "negative" or "positive" actions are self-reinforcing. Perception of reality is constrained by the sides of the canyon the river of time is flowing through. Altering the state of consciousness through various means breaks the normal state of flow allowing a vision into a more natural way of being, one that is outside of the engrained programming of personal history.

If most action is the natural outlet of energy from perseverating on a thought or idea, perhaps the best actions are the thoughtless ones. Thoughtless meaning: no desire for a specific outcome. We despise the impermanence of life due to the permanence of the changes. Pain is thought to help keep our corpus intact but that pain would likely be ignored if there were an inbuilt regeneration system to restore the status quo. The bulk of our fear of the future is because we do not know if we will regenerate what we perceive is being lost in the passage of time. No matter how hard you try, nothing can be recreated - the same experience had twice. Despite getting everything environmentally to "match", the Observer - you, is not the same for having already previously had the experience. The only way this could be accomplished would be to perform a memory wipe and program your consciousness with the entire sequence up till the point you wish to repeat. Notwithstanding, the highly improbable but necessary rewinding of the entire universe to repeat an event, what would be the point if you didn't remember having repeated it? Without a change in that cycle you end up stuck in "groundhog day", or as some might call it - hell.

Save for experiencing the infinitely knowable yet ultimately inscrutable flow of life, there isn't a point. That's what impermanence is for - having an experience, not something to strive for mastery over and subdue. Everything has cycles to necessitate the illusion of time. The only thing that is intrinsically you is the intangible essence of your perception. You don't ever die or become reborn, you just move between vehicles.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Beam Splitter


Constant truth and perfection,

Unadulterated acknowledgement of personal intention

Judge not or you will be judged, ROI the measure you meet, lose the beam in your eye before tweezing your bro - internal MPD, externalized foes

They say Jesus said it but then fail to comprehend or heed, interpret the proverb to fix egos pride fiend. 

Main line, a narrow path, chop down all their trees, burn the high places calling them weeds

Self righteous stoners shotgun saw dust from sawed offs, blasting all the wretched sinners they cross. 

Stop parting the seas, Moses step over, Kanye that stick - dick, your turn’s over. 

You see what you want, filtered through personal belief, reticular active your rectum, pop your head out - purge your beliefs 

Step back, whoah that’s whack - shits proportional to how close you are to what you attttack - reflection, your perception, those little dots, only microcosms of logs you haven’t yet chopped.