Sunday, June 3, 2018

Beam Splitter


Constant truth and perfection,

Unadulterated acknowledgement of personal intention

Judge not or you will be judged, ROI the measure you meet, lose the beam in your eye before tweezing your bro - internal MPD, externalized foes

They say Jesus said it but then fail to comprehend or heed, interpret the proverb to fix egos pride fiend. 

Main line, a narrow path, chop down all their trees, burn the high places calling them weeds

Self righteous stoners shotgun saw dust from sawed offs, blasting all the wretched sinners they cross. 

Stop parting the seas, Moses step over, Kanye that stick - dick, your turn’s over. 

You see what you want, filtered through personal belief, reticular active your rectum, pop your head out - purge your beliefs 

Step back, whoah that’s whack - shits proportional to how close you are to what you attttack - reflection, your perception, those little dots, only microcosms of logs you haven’t yet chopped.