Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Permanence of Impermanence

When I was young (which increasingly feels like yesterday) I was under the impression that humans were supposed to be "in control" of their lives and through effort maintain that life till the end. The more I experience, the more I question how much control each of us has over anything. Do we even choose the thoughts that come into our minds or is it merely where we direct our attention which through repetition wears a groove for energy to drop into making that "line of thinking" "second nature" or "subconscious"?

Persistent attention forms natural actions which further wear the groove. A thought obsessed upon with no outlet is like pumping water into a reservoir till it overflows or the dam breaks. Energy always ends up taking the path of least resistance which is why "negative" or "positive" actions are self-reinforcing. Perception of reality is constrained by the sides of the canyon the river of time is flowing through. Altering the state of consciousness through various means breaks the normal state of flow allowing a vision into a more natural way of being, one that is outside of the engrained programming of personal history.

If most action is the natural outlet of energy from perseverating on a thought or idea, perhaps the best actions are the thoughtless ones. Thoughtless meaning: no desire for a specific outcome. We despise the impermanence of life due to the permanence of the changes. Pain is thought to help keep our corpus intact but that pain would likely be ignored if there were an inbuilt regeneration system to restore the status quo. The bulk of our fear of the future is because we do not know if we will regenerate what we perceive is being lost in the passage of time. No matter how hard you try, nothing can be recreated - the same experience had twice. Despite getting everything environmentally to "match", the Observer - you, is not the same for having already previously had the experience. The only way this could be accomplished would be to perform a memory wipe and program your consciousness with the entire sequence up till the point you wish to repeat. Notwithstanding, the highly improbable but necessary rewinding of the entire universe to repeat an event, what would be the point if you didn't remember having repeated it? Without a change in that cycle you end up stuck in "groundhog day", or as some might call it - hell.

Save for experiencing the infinitely knowable yet ultimately inscrutable flow of life, there isn't a point. That's what impermanence is for - having an experience, not something to strive for mastery over and subdue. Everything has cycles to necessitate the illusion of time. The only thing that is intrinsically you is the intangible essence of your perception. You don't ever die or become reborn, you just move between vehicles.