Monday, August 20, 2018

Dr. Schrödinger’s Cat in the Hat

"When you are nothing, you are simultaneously everything"
Dr. Schrödinger’s cat in the hat:
Wanted dead and alive - for letting possibility one, two, infinity - do the jail break dance on my eyeWatch.
Unlock the iWants.
GNU licensed IP address hashtagging, public domain walls, sharing with donated fonts.

No past perception based limitations,
Preoccupations or passive aggressions,
You’re irrecoverably relatively / off of the clock,
Irreverently eating green eggs and ham with a relative fox,
Relatively outside of Some Thing’s box.

When you are Some Thing, life is pain - change only happens gradually:
Grey clouds, fore casting heavy reigns - plagued by psychosomatic maladies.
Definitions constrain potential possibility planes – karmically attached gravity.

Gravely it’s a shame,
these grave digging robbers hitting their own gravy trains.
Higher prophets for the highest profits - pump and dump for short term gains.
Preaching doom and gloom,
No long term remainders can remain,
Reminders of the point at which imperfection was detained -
Rounded up,
Eliminated, scrubbed -
The Nothings pile up;
Plucking up a reckoning fashioned from leaving none / but your own blood to suck.

When you are nothing you are everything which is something:
but it’s transitory,
based on a story,
written in blood.

Uno con la nada igual dos,
dos más uno igual tres,
Fibonacci, proporción áurea,
espacio y vez.

Alles sind meine Beziehungen,
(All are my relations)

meine Welt ist Sie Umgebungen,
(My world / kingdom is the environments)

wie ich teile was ich erkenne -
(how I divide what I see)

Macht das Zauber die ich spreche.
(Makes the spells I speak)

все это отражение
(everything is a reflection)

как я люблю жизнь,
(how I love life)

так меня любит жизнь
(is how life loves me)

Бог во всем, что я вижу
(god is in all I perceive)