A Chip Off the Old Block

Think about the way most people use the expression - “a chip off the old block”. Usually it is in reference to how a child is the spitting image of one of their parents in behavior, or appearance - or both. Sometimes people use it as a perfunctory justification for their rough edges - “it’s just the way I am; chip off the old block”. 

Imagine a block of granite that has just been smacked with a chisel and hammer. Now picture the chunk that has broken off / become detached from what once was a whole - the very concept of the materiarl-archal in perfection. From the prospective of the piece, it can focus on that point where it had once been connected attempting to preserve the memory of the “wound” and one day reunite back into the whole, or it can do something else entirely. Each chunk broken off the original block is a different portion of the original material set free to become something new and unique, though still of the nature of the original material - to gaze on the jagged edges and watch as they are transformed into something beautiful. We all are acted upon by the sandpaper of time though instead of the second option, we tend toward the re-unification option slapping concrete over the broken edges life is trying to mold all trimmed out with jutting rebar to prevent re-breaking or rebuking - the epitome of the personal vision of oneself and the divine.

We are the sensory organs of an infinite god, made flesh and dwelling among us for the sake of feeling what it is like to plumb the depths of love. 

Be for GOD, as god.