Low Frequency

Massless objects (i.e. information, thoughts, “photons”) traveling at the speed of light - experience time and space contracting into an indistinguishable singularity. If “photons” were conscious at the speed of thought, those thoughts would be all they experienced. Visualize two trains on invisible, parallel tracks in space traveling at the same speed (moving in synchronicity). Without a reference frame in the background, they would both appear to be stationary. Two identical packet streams propagating at the same speed and rate of variation would be oblivious to the other (like if the two trains were identical and shared the same track (“space”). 

Ultra-Low frequencies (1 cycle per “big bang”) create the container wherein the reference frame of Low frequency can be hung. 

Low frequency events (1cp epoch to 1cp day): celestial “clockwork”, bio-rhythms, seasons. The daily rotations of the earth from light to dark are to provide contrast and the basic requirement for perception of experience - polarity.

Mid to High frequencies ( 1cps < DC) are inversely squared cascading septets that, relative to the lowest frequency, create the various layers of reality. 

Gravity: the topology of our belief wrapped around the structure of “past-experience”, curving straight lines, forming self-fulfilling realities. 

In the mind of god, all is NOW therefore the modulation of the lowest frequency will effect all the rest in the present moment as it is the reference frame for the entirety of the perceived creation. Be faithful in the little things and you will be faithful in much. We can heal ourselves through conscious attention given to how we are modulating and perceiving our lowest frequencies in relation to our highest frequencies. If the base line frequency is gravity, the point (wound) we try drawing energy into (i.e. the center of our attention), we only need attune our belief regarding the source of energy to shift our experience. 

Light is conscious of light because each vibration arising in the mind of god is unique. Therefore, despite each of us having the same infinite range of frequencies at our disposal, we by intention, perceive a reality based on interference patterns. These patterns are generated through the ripples of our internal code intermingling with the infinitude of frequency and modulation possibilities rippling from the heartbeat of god. Back to the trains: even if they shared the same space and were moving at the same speed without a reference point, yet had different characteristics - the result would be an expression of the mixing differentials. 

That which is low will be raised up and that which is high will descend. 

An inward rolling torus in a quantum state of “absolute zero” would have “polarities” and flow as a directional (though only relativistically perceived) homogenous current. This direct current can convey rhythmic pulses (frequencies) containing information. Reversal of the flow is only from the alternating perspectives of the observer (a double mind i.e. doubt). All of the frequencies we manifest are an inextricably interrelated homogogram where the shifting of one frequency instantaneously effects the perception of all other frequencies. 

God invented clothes to hide god, like wrapping paper on the present. To be naked is to be honest; our bodies are not capable of lying. All the events on “our story line” are as divergent from god as the topology of our belief places them; however, the beauty of gravity is that it eventually draws all lines back to a single point. “Traumas”, the shell that separates the present from the receiver, are only there to create a tension towards the revealing of what was there all along. After emergence, the wrapping paper is discarded. 

Be the Present, present presence as the Receiver; that the love of god in your heart (the gravity of the vortex) may draw in all that to which you already have access. 

All gifts are from the father of light who by intention created us with the word of truth - a thought. 

We are all members of one body yet serving different purposes in the experience. Glorify god in your body by surrendering to the thought; the image-of-god-made-flesh-surrounded-by-god-of-infinite-imagination. 


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