The Shadow Knows

“Who knows what evil lurks within the hearts of men?...The Shadow knows! muhahaha!!!

Any form that interrupts a stream of energy is going to cast a shadow of itself on whatever is the closest thing to itself, yet further than itself from the source. Shadows have zero interior detail so the attention is pushed to the edges where the sharpness of the form’s boundary definition is simply a matter of relative positioning: SOURCE - FORM - BACKGROUND. This is the nature of wave physics which describe how the entire universe operates. 

“Walk in the light...”

Folks talk about shadow work or delving into your traumas so you can go heal each one; however, no matter how much work you do, you are always going to see a shadow if you are looking for one because your back is to the light. When you turn and face the source, you cannot perceive your own shadow anymore. “But other people can see it, what if it messes up?” Who are these people? Are they the source or other shadow casters? Your shadow is a flattened down, abridged version of you meant for easy peripheral judgement that simply follows what you do relative to your position to a point source. Facing the source, your shadow will be perceived by others as following your form’s movements (though you will not be able to perceive the “dark form”). In the case of having the source at your back, the expression of the shadow is a mirror of the form’s actions which is why we can delude ourselves into perpetually shadow boxing “our demons” - perceiving them are other.

“In light there is no darkness”

What are these forms who absorb and block energy? In truth, no form simply absorbs energy but all eventually re-radiate; it is merely the material composition which determines the transmissibility factor. Much of “matter” is only memories we have chosen to bring into the present moment as we hunt around for the switches hoping that if we turn on enough lights, all the shadows will vanish. When you lose concern for the shadow because you have found the light which is within, your shadow is nowhere to be found. Those dark forms you perceived in the past were only thought forms you projected in the path of the light not realizing that you were all light the whole time. 

* fun fact: the brightest point in a shadow is in its very center *

“Love is time”

Kanye West, on the Joe Rogan podcast

Don’t mean to niggle ya bru / commence a t-swift re-dux /

Not trying to recalibration your compass from the West / actually being ginger with ya, take off the bullet proof vests.

No slights of hand, snatched magic mic fights, just the sights I seen, gotta say I sees it slightly different - yeesuz, yup!

Love is attention, our most precious commodity;

Conscious concentrated confection communally crowning.

Committed concentric compulsions compounding.

Creating currents...see, waves of probability:

How much you are invested in the present presence - presently;

Divestment of the past blasts that kept you ejected from the center of your light being.

Bad marks blotted out by black marks, no more a legible ledger, the joker laughing cause he’s left with no more figures to dismember. 

Surrendered to the great One, who as the only one, can only win, 

two buck up chuck, tigers blood sheening in the cup, 

always winning, that’s what’s up - The present form of one.

No looking forward to look back, trying see how it all plays out. 

Trust in the SOURCE within to be one with in the now;

Simply shining your attentions light - that is love, 

Unattached to outcome, let natures symphony play out.

No zero can defeat me, cannot diminish or deplete me;

Unless I put a little prick out in front - decimal me down, but don’t factor me out, infinite reduction will always E the qualifying calculator out. 

Even at the plank length we are strong, logs sticking out our eyes, the mote reflected in our brother disappears when shadows shrink in a twink, as the beauty of the forest shines illuminated with attention in our eyes. 


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