If it’s illegal to commit suicide, what does that say?

If you don’t pay your taxes, they lock you in a cage.

“It’s for our collective benefit, to keep us all safe, 

what’s the problem with every now and then giving a little freedom away?”

What you call government is just organized crime, the families control the politicians we errantly think we’ve assigned. 

“Pay up and we’ll protect you, quash the ‘criminals’,

hold out...you ever see the muzzle flash up close from a pistol?

Not the Italians, the Irish, Yakuza or Russians,

Players who never receive any media attenention. 

So rich and powerful they are almost invisible

But Cui Bono the flow of currency and truth becomes incontrovertible. 

They think they own us - point blank;

no matter the voting base, 

we’re just rats in their experiments to find the most efficient way 

of manage a commodity called “the human race”. 

Hastily hell headed, hopelessly

Running rats race recklessly

Pernicious perversions promulgated purposely

Sintered societal structures sustain self-subjugation - systemic slavery

False flag, take your mags, all cleverly planned,

They assault the idea of “assault” with pointless weapons bans. 

“They’re useless against F15s and nukes - you can’t fight back Jack!

Be a good cow, get in line, take the patriotic whack, 

It only takes a second, I promise...

Promise you’ll be right as rain, when you get back”

Wake up!